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Car book value

Whether you are buying a car or selling your car, know the retail value before you close a deal.

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Car Book Value

What is your car book value?

When negotiating a private sale of your car or negotiating the purchase of a new vehicle, using your current vehicle as a trade in, it is always a good starting point to know your car book value before entering the negotiations.

The book value of a car excludes any extra’s that you may have added to the vehicle and give you what your car is worth if the make, model and year of the car was purchased as a standard factory fitted vehicle.

The car book Value website includes passenger vehicles, bakkies, SUV’s and specialist vehicles. So if you want to know the value of your car, please complete the car book value request and start your negotiations off on the right foot.

Selling your car or trading it in?

If you are selling you car privately, you can expect to receive a price close to the car book value taking into account any extras that may have been added that increase the value of the car, (eg. tinted windows, sunroof, roof rack, towbar or other non standard value added items). By the same token, your car book value assumes that you are an average driver not exceeding 20 000km/annum, the car has not been in an accident etc. All of these need to be taken into consideration when calculating what your car is worth.

If you are trading in your car and want a fair value for it, you are best advised to get an independent book vale on your car, detail any value added items on your car, provide a service book and proof on accident history. All of this can be used to negotiate a better price for your car with the dealer. Firstly, the dealer will see that you have done your homework and will not be able to pull the wool over your eyes on your cars value.

Other factors that may effect the value of your car are, wear and tear on tyres. If your tyres are very worn, the dealer will likely take money off for tyres. The current demand for your vehicle type. If you own a vehicle that is a high demand vehicle like a Hyundia i10 for example, you are likely to get a very good price, both as a trade in or a private sale. Essentially, if the dealer is likely to sit with the car for a few months, your price will be less attractive.

Car Book Value Value for Insurance purposes

When insuring your car it is essential to have it insured for the correct value. Whether you choose to insure it for the replacement value of the car with a high excess or otherwise, it is very important to value your car properly. The higher the value of your car, the higher the car insurance premium, so only insure your car for the actual value of your car. If your insurer insists on valuing your car at a different amount, ask for the source of their car value calculation and see how it differs from your car book value.

Car Book Value South Africa

All vehicle dealers have access to a database which values vehicles in order to get an indicative value of your car. The average driver puts about 2000km a month so if you drive less than that, you should get a slightly higher price.

If you have added extras like a sunroof, fancy stereo system or exhaust system, you should also get a slightly higher price for your car but don’t expect to recover what you paid for the extra’s or even what a used value is, these types of extras seldom add much value unless you find the person who absolutely loves all of your extras.