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Car book value

Whether you are buying a car or selling your car, know the retail value before you close a deal.

Car re-finance

If your payments are too high, consider refinancing your car to reduce your monthly payments

Car finance

Get vehicle finance quotes, whether you have a good credit record or are blacklisted.

Car insurance

Compare insurance quotes and you could be saving as much as 30% on car insurance.

Refinancing your car

Refinance your car

people are keeping their cars for longer and taking advantage of car refinance to free up some cashflow for various reasons. You may have an unexpected medical bill, school or university fees that need paying and if your car is paid up or has some equity in it, refinancing it is a quick and very good option.

In order to refinance your car you will need to complete a credit application form which will allow us to access your credit score and credit record. If you have an negative notations on your credit record it is very important to have them removed but is not the only way to go about refinancing your car.

If you have a bad credit record, it is still possible to refinance your car but you will pay a slightly higher interest rate. The reason being that your risk profile is higher and in order for the finance house to approve your car refinance, the risk/return numbers need to add up.

Car repayment installments too high?

Perhaps you are in between jobs or need to free up some cash monthly for any number of reasons. Refinancing your car over a longer period can be used as a way to reduce your monthly payments. It is always a very good idea to get comparative car insurance quotes for your car, which is an easy way to reduce your monthly expenditure.

All you need to do to get both a car refinance quote and a car insurance quote is complete the refinance form above and check the box requesting an insurance quote. Simple as that.

Bad credit finance

If you have a bad credit score it is still possible to get vehicle finance but you will need to get a credit score report. Contact us at and we will send you the necessary instructions.

Essentially, your credit score provides the financial institutions with the probability of you meeting your obligations every month. A credit score that is not fantastic could just mean that the institution requires a larger deposit or higher interest rate or both.

Once you have your credit report (You are entitled to 1 Free credit report every year), you can check the adverse notifications. If there are unfair adverse notifications on your credit report, you will need to have them removed. This includes settled and paid up credit agreements or other negative endorsements that is preventing you from getting vehicle finance.